Beyoncé’s Country Album ‘Act II: Cowboy Carter’ Features Chart-Topping Singles

by Patria

Beyoncé’s foray into country music with her upcoming album ‘Act II: Cowboy Carter’ has stirred both excitement and debate among fans. The album features two lead singles, ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ and ’16 Carriages,’ with the latter showcasing Beyoncé’s Southern roots.

’16 Carriages,’ conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 before the release of ‘Act I: Renaissance,’ offers a glimpse into Beyoncé’s personal journey and musical versatility. Producer Atia ‘INK’ Boggs revealed the song’s early creation on the ‘Acknowledged’ YouTube series, highlighting its timeless and personal nature.

The decision to explore country music resonates deeply with Beyoncé’s Texas roots, as Boggs expressed, “This is her Southern roots; this is her Texas roots.” Despite criticism, particularly regarding genre representation, Boggs emphasized the significance of this sound in Black music history.

The country music community has largely welcomed Beyoncé’s project, with legendary artist Dolly Parton extending her support. Parton praised Beyoncé’s Billboard Hot Country number one single and hinted at a potential cover of ‘Jolene’ on the album.

Beyoncé’s success in the country genre is evident with ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ topping Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and ’16 Carriages’ garnering substantial streams. As Beyoncé continues to break barriers, her venture into country music marks a significant milestone in her illustrious career.

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