Azealia Banks Criticizes Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” Album as ‘White Women Cosplay’

by Patria

Rapper Azealia Banks recently took to Instagram stories to voice her disappointment with Beyoncé’s new album cover for “Cowboy Carter.”

In her post, Banks wrote, “Wow, we didn’t even try to put even a little effort into a more artistic title? Sis, I live for Whiteyonce Donatella Bianca Bardot DOWN, but I’m kind of ashamed at how (you) switch from Baobab trees and Black Parade to this literal pick me stuff.”

She went on to describe the album cover art as “white women cosplay,” expressing her frustration at what she perceives as Beyoncé catering to a more mainstream and “boring” aesthetic.

Banks also criticized Beyoncé for collaborating with “blacklisted white women” like the Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Awards, suggesting that Beyoncé’s platform is often shared with white women who may not reciprocate the support for black artists.

In her final remarks, Banks urged Beyoncé to move away from an obsession with maintaining a certain image and embrace more dynamic and diverse artistic expressions.

As of now, Beyoncé has not responded to Azealia Banks’ comments regarding the album.

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