Cher’s Holiday Extravaganza: Multiple Trees and Festive Fun

by Patria

Believe singer Cher, at 77, transforms her Malibu mansion into a holiday wonderland with multiple Christmas trees adorned with lights and festive decorations. Cher, known for her iconic hits, shared with Hello! magazine her love for the Christmas season, emphasizing the importance of a fresh and Christmas-scented ambiance.

The legendary artist, who typically puts up her trees 10 days to two weeks before Christmas to enjoy the fresh scent, revealed that tree decoration holds a special place in her heart, recalling it as her favorite Christmas tradition from her childhood. Cher amusingly reminisced, “My favorite thing was decorating the tree. I was like, ‘Only three pieces of tinsel at a time, Georganne’ – my sister. I did that part. ‘You’re not gonna do it right!'”

Cher extends the warmth of the season by inviting friends, relatives, and anyone she can gather to celebrate Christmas at her home. Describing the atmosphere, she told Hello!, “Christmas is always big and loud, with everybody having fun and talking over everybody else.”

When it comes to Christmas presents, the DJ Play A Christmas Song singer shared with the LA Times that she appreciates receiving “strange clothes and strange objects” during the festive season. Cher’s holiday traditions reflect a mix of nostalgia, festive spirit, and a unique sense of celebration.

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