Kristin Chenoweth’s First Christmas Break as a Married Woman

by Patria

Actress Kristin Chenoweth, known for her role in Wicked, is embracing a rare holiday hiatus to savor her initial Christmas as a married woman. Traditionally working during the festive season, Chenoweth is opting for a pause this year to share quality time with her husband Josh and both of their families.

Acknowledging the significance of family time during the holidays, Chenoweth conveyed to HollywoodLife, “We’re both entertainers, and the holidays are a big working time for us. I am going to do all my Christmas concerts, but instead of working on Christmas or Christmas Eve… we’ve decided not to do that and be with our families.” This departure from her usual busy schedule holds special importance for the actress, who typically finds herself occupied during the holidays.

Chenoweth and the Backroad Anthem guitarist, Josh, initiated their relationship in 2018 and exchanged vows in September of the current year. After spending Thanksgiving with Josh’s family in Arkansas, the couple plans to celebrate Christmas with Kristin’s family in Oklahoma, intending to alternate between the two families each year.

Detailing their Christmas plans, Chenoweth shared, “Next time we celebrate Christmas with the families, I’ll spend Thanksgiving with my parents and then Christmas with his. We’re going to do the switch off.”

Despite the changes in her holiday routine, Chenoweth remains dedicated to a cherished childhood tradition. “I will never not do a stocking,” she expressed. Reflecting on her mother’s influence, she added, “My mom always did stockings with us growing up, and the stockings ended up being better than our gifts. It was like a new cool toothbrush or some cool socks. I love the stocking, and I love doing it for my man. We’ve been together five years, so he always gets a stocking. He gets a stocking from my parents too. It’s just fun.”

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