Olly Alexander reveals Eurovision song’s code name

by Patria

The Hits Radio Breakfast team caught up with Olly Alexander on Tuesday (December 19th) after he was announced as the UK’s entry for Eurovision 2024.

Speaking to Fleur East, James and Matt, Olly revealed that he’s been keen to do Eurovision for many years. He even admitted that he was in the running for it a while back, but actually took himself out of the process as he didn’t think the time was right. However, Olly is back and will be representing the UK next year.

He told Fleur and the team how he found out he’d been chosen, saying he received a FaceTime call: “I found out for sure it was going to happen about two months ago, my manager she called me… both my managers FaceTimed me and I could see their faces.”

It was just by the look on their faces that he knew he was in the running! The ‘King’ singer then revealed: “For the last two months they’ve been working on a code name for his Eurovision entry, and they’ve decided on Operation Cauliflower! When Fleur said: “I don’t think anyone would guess that, would they?” Olly agreed: “Well, there you go!”

Olly and pop producer Danny L Harle have been working on the song for some time. Olly and Danny (who has worked with the likes of Dua Lipa and Charli XCX) have also been working on Olly’s album, which is almost finished, and as part of the process they have been working on the new Eurovision song.

“That song we wrote together, it felt like an exciting song from the beginning,” the ‘Desire’ singer explained, admitting: “We didn’t really know if it was the one for Eurovision or not, and then as soon as people heard it, they were like, ‘That’s the song.'”

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the number 26 popped up several times in one of Olly’s TikToks announcing the news, so James asked him about its significance, but Olly remained tight-lipped, saying: “If I told you, I’d feel like something was coming down from the ceiling and I’d get arrested!”

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