Madison Beer addresses misogyny in song King of Everything

by Patria

Madison Beer tackles misogyny in her song “King of Everything,” specifically “men in positions of power who I feel may have abused their power.

The 24-year-old pop star released her second studio LP ‘Silence Between Songs’ in September. And she has now opened up about the inspiration behind many of the lyrics.

Speaking to NME, she said: “There are a couple of themes, honestly, in the song.

“There’s the direct relationship I’ve had with some people – a lot of people – who are these men in positions of power who I feel have maybe abused their power or not been great with it… I don’t quite know how to say it.

“You know, [there are] things I’ve seen and been through where now that I’m older, I’m like, ‘That’s crazy.

Beer also noted that the song reflects the lonely existence of many who have achieved enormous fame or wealth.

She added: “Growing up around so many successful businessmen and big celebrities and billionaire managers and seeing how, like, really lonely a lot of those people were. How you can have all the success and money and whatever in the world, but if you’re an unhappy person, you’re going to be unhappy no matter what.

“That was pretty eye-opening to me and something I always recognized.

“So yeah, in the least harsh way possible, we wrote ‘King Of Everything’ [about all that].”

Beer has previously praised fellow artist Billie Eilish for drawing attention to the struggles in her music, and has spoken out against the misogynistic culture in the music industry.

She said: “I think the issues [Billie] touches on in her music are so rich.

“She talks about things that a lot of other artists don’t and maybe are afraid to, which is valid because we’ve all been conditioned to be afraid to talk about certain things.”

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