Second child welcomed for Cher Lloyd

by Patria

Cher Lloyd has welcomed her second child into the world.

Monk, 30, and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Violet, on Saturday.

The X-Factor star took to Instagram on Monday to share the first photo of the newborn. The black and white photo showed the baby’s torso, dressed in a white outfit adorned with a heart and the words, “I love my sister.”

The caption of the post was “ELIZA VIOLET 9/9/23.”

Cher and hairdresser Craig are parents to five-year-old daughter Delilah-Rae.

The singer announced she was expecting this year when she shared a clip of Delilah showing an ultrasound picture.

“Baby number 2, we can’t wait to meet you,” Cher captioned the announcement post.

During her second pregnancy, the performer shared that she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

“I got the call last week telling me I had gestational diabetes. I burst into tears. I felt scared, confused and immediately blamed myself,” she wrote at the time. “I have spent most of my time researching gestational diabetes and trying to find recipes and ways to control it. I’m still adjusting to the changes and how it might affect the rest of my pregnancy. I just wanted to reach out to any other gestational diabetes moms out there to share advice, stories and suggestions . Sending love.”

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