Static-X release video for one of Wayne Static’s last tracks ‘Stay Alive’

by Patria

Static-X releases a music video for the first original track from the upcoming album Project Regeneration: Vol. 2. The song, “Stay Alive,” is one of the last original compositions Wayne Static worked on before his death in 2014.

The song’s lyrics reflect Wayne’s state of mind during this tragic time, as he admits to being a “professional addict” and shouts the words: “I just need you to survive – Cut you up to stay alive”.

Wayne Static sings lead vocal on this track, which also features original Wisconsin Death Trip members Tony Campos and Ken Jay. Static-X producer, creative director and longtime friend Edsel Dope directed and Matt Zane co-directed.

Outtakes from the Wayne Static “Assassins of Youth” video – originally directed by Matt Zane – were added to fully capture Wayne’s disturbing vision for the song. According to the band’s former engineer Eddie Ortel: “Wayne was working on this track the night he died.

“We knew that if we were going to release this song, we couldn’t tiptoe around this tragic subject,” says Tony Campos. “The first draft of the video was really hard for all of us to watch, so we ended up removing a lot of the more graphic scenes. As dark as this piece of art is, it is also a very honest representation of where Wayne was during this controversial time. My hope is that when people see this, they understand the cautionary tale that Wayne’s life ultimately became and can avoid some of those pitfalls.

“We always want to remember Wayne as the smart, funny, Star Trek-loving rock star,” adds Aimee Pittman – Wayne’s younger sister. “It makes his family sad and angry to see Wayne portray himself in a way that we understand to be a realistic portrayal of his life and the choices that ultimately ended it. If one person watching this video can benefit or make better choices regarding drugs and alcohol, then we are grateful for the reminder.”

With the success of their last release, Project Regeneration: Vol. 1 and on the heels of their recent multi-city sold-out Rise Of The Machine tour, Static-X have reinvigorated their fan base and brought Evil Disco back to the masses. Proving that Static-X is back and better than ever, the original lineup of Tony Campos, Koichi Fukuda, and Ken Jay backed by frontman Xer0. The Rise Of The Machine tour sold out 37 of its 42 dates and featured the biggest stage production Static-X has ever put together. The band promises that the production on The Machine Killer Tour will be even bigger and more impressive. In addition to the creation of new music, Static-X has announced the release of Project Regeneration: Vol. 2, a cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic “Terrible Lie,” will be released on November 3. The upcoming album will be produced by the band’s current vocalist/guitarist Xer0 and mixed/mastered by longtime collaborator Ulrich Wild. The new album is now available for pre-order in a variety of configurations including limited color vinyl, limited shirts, hoodies and more.

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