The Video of Maneskin’s New Single ‘Honey (are you coming?)’ Has Been Released

by Patria

The video for Maneskin’s new single “Honey (are you coming?)” has been released. The band chose Rome, their hometown, to shoot the video for the song. The video combines light and laser shows, drones and the groundbreaking location of Rome’s Gazometro, where the song was presented during an exclusive worldwide live stream.

The video features the band in a thrilling live performance with unique angles and subjective shots that convey all the energy of the legendary band. Energy is the key element of their new successful world tour “RUSH! World Tour” (with many sold out dates), which we will see again on stage at the upcoming MTV VMA’s, where Maneskin will perform.

They have been nominated for two prestigious categories at the international music event: first in “Best Rock” and now as the only rock artists nominated in the “Group of the Year” category.

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