Tyson Sybateli Expresses Profound Gratitude as “Present” Mixtape Ascends to the Pinnacle of Apple Music Chart

by Barbara

Tyson Sybateli, the emerging rap prodigy, is overwhelmed with joy as his latest mixtape, “Present,” continues its reign atop the Apple Music charts, solidifying its position as the most influential SA hip-hop project upon its recent release.

In an Instagram post brimming with appreciation, Tyson conveyed his gratitude for the remarkable success of his music venture. He proudly proclaimed that “Present” currently holds the crown as the most prominent South African hip-hop project on Apple Music.

“Words cannot express how thankful I am to each and every one of you. Being fully present in this moment has been an absolute soul-stirring experience. May God bless each and every one of you,” Tyson Sybateli expressed.

While he revels in the glory and triumph of his own creation, the rapper also shares the limelight with extraordinary SA hip-hop talents. Collaborating with the likes of Priddy Ugly, Thato Saul, and Ben September, Tyson weaves together a tapestry of brilliance and artistry in “Present.”

The Durban-based artist affirms that he still has a treasure trove of musical gems to present to his devoted followers. He made the conscious decision to release a mixtape before unveiling his highly anticipated album.

“When you compare it to an album release, it takes on this whole album experience. I want the next project to bring a similar or even more elevated experience, but setting such high expectations can be burdensome. I want this to be a joyful journey where I can simply have fun and savor every moment. I genuinely relish the creative process,” Tyson shared during the launch of the “Present” mixtape on the Sobering Podcast.

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