Navigating the Sonic Maze: Electric Frankenstein’s Genre-Defying Journey

by Barbara

When the rhythm you’re grooving to straddles the fine line between punk and rock and roll, a unique harmony emerges that defies easy categorization. Welcome to the world of Electric Frankenstein – a band that revels in its own hybridity, too punk for rock and roll, and too rock and roll for punk. With each successive album, they forge their sonic path, remaining steadfastly true to their moniker.

In an exclusive interview, Goldmine delved deep into the minds of the Electric Frankenstein collective. Prior to their exhilarating Midwest tour, band members Johnny Flude (vocals), Ed Warner (guitar), Wheez Von Klaw (drums), Dan Cansonieri (bass), and Sal Canzonieri (guitar) sat down to discuss their history, passion for record collecting, and their musical evolution.

Unraveling the origins of their enigmatic name, Sal revealed a medley of influences that birthed the moniker. Drawing from the concept of guitar amalgamation known as “Frankensteining,” the band’s name reflects the fusion of musical elements. Additionally, Sal’s reminiscence of a club named Electric Frankenstein from his Italian youth and the band’s early identity as the progenitor to the Dead Boys showcase the multi-layered significance of their chosen name.

Describing their musical style proves a tantalizing challenge. Dan confesses the intricate fusion of various genres, too rock and roll for punk purists and simultaneously too punk for the rock and roll crowd. Labels like “heavy rock,” “high energy rock,” and “action rock” attempt to encapsulate their sound, but ultimately, it’s a harmonious amalgamation of their diverse backgrounds.

The band’s inception in ’89 was a gradual evolution, intertwined with personal musical explorations. Sal’s foray into songwriting that deviated from his existing band, Thing, marked the initial sparks. The ensuing years saw the convergence of talents, with members like Dan joining the ranks, culminating in the creation of Electric Frankenstein. Auditioning drummers and transatlantic ventures added complexity to their early narrative.

A crucial facet of Electric Frankenstein’s identity lies in their artwork. Citing inspiration from The Misfits’ iconic art, the band underscores the significance of visual aesthetics that parallel their musical innovation. Their album covers, tees, and posters, conceived by over 300 artists, encapsulate their multifaceted ethos. Sal’s venture into authorship, including lyric-illustration collaborations, has further solidified their commitment to the visual realm.

Record collecting emerges as a shared passion, with each member seeking their holy grail. Voodoo Church’s elusive 7-inch tops Dan’s list, while Sal chases after the rare Electric Frankenstein album with a song of the same name. Johnny yearns for Disfear’s “Live the Storm” and The Braveries’ debut album, Ed pursues a Bob McFadden gem, and Wheez thrives on uncovering intriguing thrift store oddities.

Curiosities abound within their collections. Wheez flaunts a signed Colonel Sanders album, Ed cherishes a rare Bob McFadden piece, while Sal’s eclectic finds even contributed to their distinctive sound. Their penchant for diverse records endows their music with a raw authenticity that resonates with listeners.

Variety characterizes their record label affiliations, with a plethora of labels vying to represent Electric Frankenstein. Their inclusive approach and musical integrity enabled them to traverse the landscape of both indie and major labels, resonating with fans across the globe.

Discussing vinyl variants, the band uncovers the sometimes surprising array of vinyl editions. Collaborative selections with labels lead to vibrant releases, with Dan even spearheading color choices. The band’s upcoming musical offerings elicit excitement, as they tease a collaborative 12-inch project, merging East and West Coast punk influences.

Electric Frankenstein’s unceasing vigor is nourished by an insatiable appetite for music. Their creative process and unwavering dedication evoke a sense of community, where inclusion and shared passion drive their journey. In a world dominated by labels and divisions, their existence is a testament to the beauty of musical cross-pollination and an unwavering commitment to artistic authenticity. The electrifying monster they’ve created continues to thrive, fueled by a mutual desire to keep the rhythm alive and the genre lines blurred.

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