30 Hot Canadian Classical Musicians Under 30, 2023 Edition

by Barbara

Canada has always been a breeding ground for exceptional classical musicians, and the year 2023 proves no different. This article highlights 30 young and talented Canadian classical musicians under the age of 30 who have been making waves in the industry. From virtuoso instrumentalists to gifted conductors and composers, these artists are redefining the classical music landscape and captivating audiences worldwide.

1. Eric Abramovitz – Clarinettist and Saxophonist

Eric Abramovitz is a rising star in the classical music scene. Known for his extraordinary talent as both a clarinetist and saxophonist, he has won numerous awards and performed with prestigious orchestras around the world. His musical finesse and unique approach to both instruments have earned him critical acclaim.

2. Thea Humphries – Hornist

Thea Humphries is a prodigious horn player with a golden tone and exceptional musicality. She has been hailed for her captivating performances and is currently a member of several renowned Canadian orchestras.

3. Andrew Adridge – Baritone, Stage Director, and Arts Administrator

Andrew Adridge’s multifaceted career encompasses impressive roles as a baritone, stage director, and arts administrator. His powerful voice and artistic vision have earned him accolades on national and international stages.

4. Florence Rousseau – Hornist

Florence Rousseau is another exceptional hornist on our list. Her sensitive and expressive playing has garnered praise, and she has participated in various chamber music projects, enriching the Canadian classical music scene.

5. Sarah Pollard – Flutist

Sarah Pollard’s virtuosity on the flute has left audiences mesmerized. With a tone that is both warm and agile, she has gained recognition as a top flutist in the country.

6. Marie-Claire Cardinal – Conductor and Violinist

Marie-Claire Cardinal is a versatile musician who excels as both a conductor and a violinist. Her passion for music and exceptional leadership skills have earned her respect from her peers and mentors.

7. Simon Farintosh – Guitarist

Simon Farintosh is a rising star in the classical guitar world. His precise technique and profound musicality have earned him accolades in national and international competitions.

8. Alex Hetherington – Mezzo-Soprano

Alex Hetherington’s rich and expressive mezzo-soprano voice has enchanted audiences across the country. Her powerful stage presence and emotive performances have earned her critical acclaim.

9. Emmanuel Jacob Lacopo – Guitarist

Emmanuel Jacob Lacopo is a young guitar virtuoso known for his exceptional technical prowess and artistic interpretation. His performances showcase a deep understanding of various musical styles.

10. Zachary Rioux – Tenor

Zachary Rioux’s captivating tenor voice has gained him recognition as a promising young tenor in Canada. His performances in opera, oratorio, and art song have garnered praise from audiences and critics alike.

11. Sami Anguaya – Composer

Sami Anguaya is a talented composer known for his innovative compositions that blend classical and contemporary elements. His works have been performed by various ensembles and have earned him numerous awards and commissions.

12. Thomas Roy-Rochette – Bassoonist

Thomas Roy-Rochette’s artistry as a bassoonist has impressed audiences with its expressive depth and technical brilliance. He has performed with several major Canadian orchestras and has established himself as a sought-after musician.

13. Serena Reuten – Conductor and Flutist

Serena Reuten is a remarkable talent who excels as both a conductor and flutist. Her dynamic performances have led her to collaborate with various orchestras and ensembles.

14. Wesley Harrison – Tenor

Wesley Harrison’s powerful tenor voice and expressive singing have gained him recognition as a rising star in the opera world. His performances have earned praise for their emotional depth and impeccable technique.

15. Zhan Hong Xiao – Pianist

Zhan Hong Xiao’s captivating performances as a pianist have earned him accolades in national and international competitions. His command over the piano and his artful interpretations have garnered widespread acclaim.

16. Emily Bosenius – Violinist

Emily Bosenius is an exceptional violinist known for her technical brilliance and emotive playing. She has been recognized for her musical finesse and has been featured in various solo and chamber music performances.

17. Marion Portelance – Cellist

Marion Portelance’s profound musicianship and expressive cello playing have earned her a reputation as a top young cellist in Canada. Her performances are characterized by their emotional depth and technical precision.

18. Olive MacPhail – Tubist

Olive MacPhail’s exceptional talent as a tubist has garnered attention in the classical music world. Her expressive playing and powerful sound have distinguished her as an outstanding musician.

19. Samuel Kerr – Percussionist, Pianist, Composer, and Conductor

Samuel Kerr is a versatile musician known for his proficiency in multiple instruments and musical genres. As a percussionist, pianist, composer, and conductor, he has showcased his exceptional talent on various platforms.

20. Madeline Hall – Guitarist and Composer

Madeline Hall is a gifted guitarist and composer who is pushing the boundaries of classical music. Her innovative compositions and mesmerizing performances have earned her recognition as a trailblazer in the classical guitar world.

21. Tiffany Yeung – Violinist

Tiffany Yeung is an accomplished violinist known for her exquisite tone and virtuosic technique. Her performances have captivated audiences and earned her prestigious awards and opportunities.

22. Hamilton Lau – Pianist

Hamilton Lau’s expressive and nuanced playing has impressed audiences and critics alike. His passion for the piano and his thoughtful interpretations have earned him recognition in the classical music community.

23. River Sawchyn – Violinist and Composer

River Sawchyn is a talented violinist and composer with a unique musical voice. His compositions reflect a blend of classical and contemporary influences, captivating audiences with their originality.

24. Benjamin Seah – Violinist

Benjamin Seah’s exceptional talent as a violinist has garnered attention both nationally and internationally. His performances showcase technical brilliance and musical maturity beyond his years.

25. Hriday Buddhadev – Sarod and Tabla Player

Hriday Buddhadev is a remarkable sarod and tabla player, showcasing his deep connection to Indian classical music. His performances exude emotion and technical skill, earning him admiration from audiences.

26. Elijah Orlenko – Pianist

Elijah Orlenko’s commanding performances and profound musicality have earned him recognition as a promising young pianist. His interpretations showcase a deep understanding of the classical repertoire.

27. Justin Saulnier – Violinist

Justin Saulnier’s passionate and emotive violin playing has captivated audiences across the country. His performances showcase a powerful connection to the music and an innate ability to communicate its emotion.

28. Ashley Tsai – Violinist

Ashley Tsai’s exceptional talent as a violinist has earned her accolades in national and international competitions. Her expressive playing and musical sensitivity have captivated listeners.

29. Antian Jiang – Pianist

Antian Jiang is a young and prodigiously talented pianist who has been making waves in the classical music world. Hailing from Canada, he has garnered attention and acclaim for his exceptional performances and artistry on the piano. With a deep understanding of the classical repertoire and a passion for music, Antian Jiang is poised to become a prominent figure in the world of classical piano.

29. Antian Jiang – Pianist

Antian Jiang’s captivating performances as a pianist have earned him recognition and admiration in the classical music world. His technical precision and artistic expression have impressed audiences and judges alike.

30. Alex Yang – Pianist and Violinist

Alex Yang is a gifted musician who excels as both a pianist and a violinist. His versatility and musicality have led him to collaborate with various ensembles and artists, showcasing his exceptional talent on multiple instruments.


The Canadian classical music scene is thriving with exceptional talent, and these 30 young musicians under 30 are a testament to the country’s rich musical heritage. From virtuoso instrumentalists to gifted conductors and composers, they have demonstrated their passion and dedication to their craft. As they continue to grow and develop their musical careers, their artistry will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the classical music landscape in Canada and beyond. Whether performing on stage, leading an orchestra, or composing innovative works, these rising stars are set to shape the future of classical music with their extraordinary talent and unwavering commitment to their art. As audiences worldwide eagerly anticipate their future performances and creations, the Canadian classical music community can take pride in nurturing and supporting such outstanding young musicians.

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