BTS Star Jin Reflects on Emotional Return to Stage After Military Service

by Patria

BTS star Jin experienced a mix of “nervous excitement” and overwhelming emotions during his first performance after completing his mandatory military service. The day following his discharge, Jin delighted fans by debuting an extended version of his solo song, ‘Super Tuna’, as part of the South Korean boy band’s ‘Festa’ celebrations.

In a candid interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin revealed the intense emotional struggle he faced during this performance. “When you’re in the army, there’s a lot of restrictions in place, and none of the stuff you have is your own, which isn’t always easy,” he shared. “But once I was onstage, I had my fans in front of me, my own mic and in-ears, and everything about it felt just the way I remembered. It felt like I was home.”

Despite feeling on the verge of tears, Jin made a concerted effort to keep his emotions in check, not wanting to reveal how deeply affected he was. “The fans might not want to hear this, but I tried really hard not to let the feeling sink in. I mean, it was the very next day after I got out of the army. I didn’t have much time to practice, and it’d been forever since I last sang,” he admitted. “I had to put on a good show for the fans, so I couldn’t let myself get choked up to the point I couldn’t sing.”

Jin, 31, also addressed his fans’ anticipation for his upcoming solo album, promising he is working diligently to complete it. “Fortunately, the guys all finished making their own albums before enlisting, and now Jimin’s is coming out. That made me think I better not wait too long to release mine after his is out, so I’m working to get it done fast.”

During his military service, Jin, whose real name is Kim Seok-jin, served as an assistant drill instructor at a training facility. Upon his return, he expressed his gratitude and love for his fans by hugging 1,000 of them at a special event, marking a heartfelt reunion with those who have supported him throughout his journey.

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