Wedding Band Jellyroll Settles Lawsuit with Country Star Jelly Roll Over Name Dispute

by Barbara
Jelly Roll

The legal dispute between the wedding band Jellyroll and country music star Jelly Roll has come to an end.

On Tuesday, July 9, 2024, the law firm representing Jellyroll, a popular wedding band based in Delaware County, announced that the band’s leader, Kurt Titchenell, had reached a settlement in an intellectual property claim against Grammy-nominated singer Jelly Roll.

The conflict arose due to the similarity between the names of the band Jellyroll (no space) and the artist Jelly Roll (space).

“The dispute with Jason Bradley DeFord, a.k.a. Jelly Roll, has been resolved, and the legal action has been withdrawn,” Titchenell stated in a release by the Blue Bell-based law firm Flamm Walton Heimbach. “We look forward to our continued use of the name, Jellyroll Band, in connection with our party band business.”

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