Muscadine Bloodline Set to Release Highly Anticipated Album ‘The Coastal Plain’

by Barbara
Muscadine Bloodline

Country duo Muscadine Bloodline has announced the upcoming release of their latest album, ‘The Coastal Plain,’ scheduled to debut on August 16 through Stancaster Music via Thirty Tigers.

Comprised of Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton, Muscadine Bloodline has crafted their most compelling work yet with the guidance of longtime collaborator Ryan Youmans. The album features 14 tracks that delve into personal narratives rooted in their hometown of Mobile, AL, reflecting their growth and experiences. ‘The Coastal Plain’ marks their fourth full-length album, following their acclaimed 2023 release, ‘Teenage Dixie.’

Reflecting on their creative journey, Muscadine Bloodline shared, “In a sense, this record feels like a tribute to ourselves and our discovery of our distinct sound, which we hope will inspire other artists in the future. Our mantra in recent years has been, ‘Create what we love, and everything else will fall into place.’ We strive to maintain a spirit of adventure, continually evolving and raising the bar, resulting in our strongest musical offering to date.”

The duo’s commitment to artistic growth and authenticity promises to resonate with both longtime fans and newcomers as they eagerly anticipate the release of ‘The Coastal Plain.’

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