‘Blak Country’ Celebrates Aboriginal Australian Country Music at Volume 2024

by Barbara

Set against the backdrop of NAIDOC Week, Volume 2024 at The Art Gallery of New South Wales is gearing up for a standout event: ‘Blak Country’. This Wednesday night event promises to showcase both established icons and emerging stars from Aboriginal Australian country music, highlighting the diverse talent within this genre.

Among the featured artists are Jarrod Hickling, Kathryn Kelly, Roger Knox, Kyla-Belle Roberts, Loren Ryan, and Frank Yamma, each bringing their unique perspectives and musical styles to the stage. ‘Blak Country’ not only celebrates these musicians but also serves as a platform for meaningful cultural expression.

Liam Keenan, assistant First Nations curator and co-curator of Volume, has curated a special playlist titled ‘Music From Malabar Mansion’ for the event. Named after the Long Bay Correctional Complex, where the ‘Songbirds’ project by the Community Restorative Centre took place, this playlist features songs written and performed by individuals from NSW correctional facilities. Keenan’s playlist adds a poignant layer to the evening’s festivities, amplifying voices often unheard in mainstream music circles.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales’ commitment to showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art further enriches the cultural significance of ‘Blak Country’. Ahead of the event on July 10th, readers are invited to explore our conversation with Liam Keenan, delving into the significance of ‘Blak Country’, the curated playlist, and the broader impact of Indigenous art at the gallery.

As ‘Blak Country’ prepares to captivate audiences during NAIDOC Week, it stands as a testament to the power of music in celebrating cultural heritage and fostering community dialogue.

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