Willie Watson Prepares for New Musical Journey

by Barbara
Willie Watson

Former Old Crow Medicine Show member Willie Watson, known for his influential tenure with the band, including during their breakout with “Wagon Wheel” in 2004, is embarking on a new chapter in his musical career. Having departed the band in 2011 to delve deeper into folk revival, Watson has since released two solo albums: 2014’s “Folk Singer Vol. 1” and 2017’s “Folk Singer Vol. 2”. These albums showcased his adept reinterpretations of classic American songs.

In recent years, Watson’s musical activities have been sporadic, with limited live performances and a hiatus in recorded output. However, he made a notable return by contributing to Old Crow Medicine Show’s 2023 album “Jubilee,” featuring on the track “Miles Away.” This marked a precursor to his upcoming solo endeavors, beginning with the release of his new single, “Real Love.”

Scheduled for release on September 13th via Little Operation Records and distributed by Thirty Tigers, Watson’s forthcoming self-titled album represents a departure from his previous work. Unlike his earlier albums, which focused on interpreting traditional standards, this new project will feature original material.

Speaking at the Big Ponderoo Festival in Oregon, Watson reflected on his evolving artistic journey. He shared that while he spent the first 40 years of his life singing old folk songs and understanding his musical identity, he now finds himself in a period of exploration and reinvention. Despite this uncertainty, Watson expressed a clear vision for his future: to create and perform original music.

As anticipation builds for Willie Watson’s upcoming album, fans and critics alike await the next chapter in his musical evolution, poised to witness his transition into new artistic territories while celebrating his enduring contributions to folk and Americana music.

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