Def Leppard to Launch Summer Stadium Tour with Journey

by Patria
Def Leppard

Def Leppard is set to embark on their new Summer Stadium Tour across North America alongside Journey, with the tour kicking off this Saturday, July 6th. In anticipation of the tour, guitarist Phil Collen revealed that the band has revamped their entire set for a completely new stage show.

Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock Nights host Matt Wardlaw in St. Louis, where the band is rehearsing for the tour, Collen shared insights into their preparations. Wardlaw inquired about the changes in the new tour set, mentioning the inclusion of extra “Pyromania” songs. Collen confirmed the complete overhaul of their set and production.

“We changed the whole set. You know, there’s a whole screen [production] and we’ve been using pretty much the same stuff for like 12 years,” Collen said. “So we’ve changed it completely. The stage show is drastically different. It’s going to take a lot of energy. There’s going to be a lot of running around. So I’m working out, trying to get the stamina up and all of that. Vocally, too.”

Collen also mentioned the rigorous preparations leading up to the tour. “You know, I’m having to sing every single day. We did rehearse in L.A. for a two-week period and finished with a SiriusXM gig. Production rehearsals in St. Louis will lead up to the first gig.”

Fans can look forward to an energetic and refreshed Def Leppard performance as they hit the stage for this highly anticipated tour.

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