Razorlight Announces Special UK Show to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of ‘Up All Night’

by Patria

Razorlight is set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, ‘Up All Night’, with a special one-off UK show. On November 21, frontman Johnny Borrell and the band will perform the entire album, featuring hits like ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Lies’, ‘Rip It Up’, ‘Stumble and Fall’, ‘Golden Touch’, ‘Vice’, and ‘Somewhere Else’, at London’s O2 Academy Brixton. The performance will also include a mix of their classic and new songs.

The band, known for their hit ‘America’, recently released a deluxe edition of ‘Up All Night’ to mark the milestone. This edition includes 17 additional B-sides, some of which are available on streaming platforms for the first time.

In addition to the anniversary show and deluxe album, a mini-documentary titled ‘The Making Of Up All Night’ is set for release. The documentary features candid interviews with those who worked on the record or were close to the band during 2003/4, providing a rare and in-depth look into the creation of what has been described as one of the defining records of the decade.

Reflecting on the period, frontman Johnny Borrell, now 44, addressed the criticism the band faced and emphasized their enduring ability to deliver powerful performances. “I’ve been looking back on that time because of getting involved with the documentary, etc and yeah, it was a wild, messy, unpredictable, f*** or be f*****, leave everything out there kind of record. Even people in indie clubs who say they hate me always say, ‘Well your first album was really good.’ Maybe they’ll drop the hate but keep listening. We’re still in great shape and we still rock f****** hard, so it should be a great show,” he said.

Razorlight is also working on new music, their first since the 2018 album ‘Olympus Sleeping’. The band’s original lineup, including Björn Ågren and Carl Dalemo, reunited in 2021 after a decade apart, and they are joined by Andy Burrows and Reni Lane.

This anniversary celebration promises to be a memorable event for long-time fans and new listeners alike, showcasing Razorlight’s enduring legacy and continued musical evolution.

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