Country Thunder Music Festival Thrives at Bristol Motor Speedway

by Barbara
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The Country Thunder Music Festival is in full swing at Bristol Motor Speedway, offering a blend of country music and entertainment for attendees on Saturday.

According to Megan Benoit, Digital Manager for Country Thunder Music Festivals, Saturday’s headliner is Hardy, promising a dynamic performance. Preceding Hardy is Bailey Zimmerman, set to deliver her own captivating set.

Country Thunder Music Festivals, established two decades ago, span multiple locations across the United States and Canada, showcasing top-tier country music talent.

This year marks the fourth edition of the Country Thunder Music Festival at Bristol Motor Speedway since 2021, but notably, it is the first to occur during the summer months rather than fall. Megan Benoit explained the reasoning behind the schedule shift, stating, “We’ve typically had it in the fall, but this year, we moved it to the end of June. We’ve had some rain and cold weather in previous years. So, we wanted to make that change, enjoy some sunshine this year.”

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