Chance the Rapper Updates Fans on ‘Star Line’ Album Progress

by Barbara

Chance the Rapper has provided an exciting update on his highly anticipated upcoming album, Star Line, sharing details that fans have eagerly awaited.

Speaking with Complex recently, the Chicago native disclosed that his next studio project is approximately 83 percent complete, signaling significant progress toward its eventual release.

Initially suggesting the album was 85 percent finished, Chance playfully adjusted his estimate, stating, “That’s a little generous. I’ma say 83. 83.5, 82.7, you know what I’m saying? We’re living in the project right now,” offering a glimpse into his creative process.

Reflecting on his journey from his debut album The Big Day (2019) to Star Line, Chance discussed how this new project marks a different phase of his life and artistic approach. “For my last project, I’d just gotten married, I just had a baby, I was about to separate from my management. Like, I had so many things going on. Now, it’s not like there isn’t a lot going on, but I’m really able to enjoy the creative process and be 100 percent myself.”

Star Line draws inspiration from Marcus Garvey’s historic Black Star Line, a shipping company pivotal in connecting the global Black diaspora in the early 1900s. Chance emphasized this influence during a 2022 interview with Sway, highlighting Garvey’s vision of global Black unity and empowerment.

While initially slated for release in Spring 2024, Chance has not confirmed a revised date. To keep fans engaged, he recently released tracks like “Together,” produced by DJ Premier in May, and “Buried Alive” in April, which delves into personal struggles including his divorce and legal battles.

Chance’s candid exploration of these themes continues to resonate with his audience, as he navigates personal and professional growth in the public eye.

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