Gibson Unveils Charlie Starr Les Paul Junior Guitar

by Patria
Charlie Starr Les Paul Junior Guitar

Gibson, the renowned global instrument brand, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Charlie Starr, the frontman, singer-songwriter, and guitarist for Southern rock group Blackberry Smoke. Today, Gibson introduced the Charlie Starr Les Paul Junior, a tribute to Starr’s cherished 1956 model, crafted from digital scans of his original guitar. This exclusive guitar is now available worldwide through authorized Gibson dealers and on Gibson’s official website.

Charlie Starr is known for his frequent use of the Les Paul Junior in both studio recordings and live performances with Blackberry Smoke. His preference for this model has significantly shaped his distinctive guitar tone and playing style, contributing to the band’s unique sound. The new Gibson Charlie Starr Les Paul Junior faithfully reproduces his favored instrument. It features a mahogany neck with a 50s neck profile, precisely replicated from Starr’s original guitar through digital scanning. It also includes a custom-designed overwound P-90 pickup and an adjustable Wraparound bridge with locking studs. The guitar comes in a Historic Les Paul Junior “Gator Skin” hardshell case and includes a Charlie Starr Signature Ceramic Slide and a “Hey Ya’ll” sticker, complete with Starr’s original misspelling. The Charlie Starr Les Paul Junior is available in Dark Walnut and Ebony, with only 250 guitars produced in each color.

Fans can watch and share a new interview with Charlie Starr on the Gibson Gear Guide, where he discusses his love for Gibson Les Paul Juniors. In the interview, hosted by Dinesh Lekraj, Starr demonstrates how he achieves his unique slide sound and the bending and slide techniques that distinguish his country-influenced guitar style from the Southern rock sound.

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