Kylie Minogue Collaborates with ‘Padam Padam’ Producer Lostboy for New Music

by Patria
Kylie Minogue

Pop icon Kylie Minogue is reuniting with producer Lostboy, also known as Peter Rycroft, following their successful collaboration on the Grammy-winning 2023 hit “Padam Padam.” The duo is reportedly working on fresh material, potentially for a follow-up to Minogue’s 2023 album, ‘Tension.’

In an interview with The Sun’s Bizarre column, Lostboy expressed excitement about their new projects, stating, “Padam was its own thing, it’s lived its own life. The new stuff is so fun as well in its own way. I don’t know when it will be out.”

Minogue is not stopping there. DJ and producer Joel Corry recently revealed that he, too, has been in the studio with the Australian pop sensation, hinting at new summer releases. Corry told The Sun, “I’ve just been in the studio with Kylie recently in LA – the Queen. I’ve got some bangers on the way. They say that I defrost for summer and the freezer has opened!”

In addition to her musical endeavors, Minogue is set to continue her Las Vegas residency at the Voltaire. The Grammy winner completed her inaugural Sin City series, ‘More Than Just a Residency,’ earlier this month and hinted at a return during her final show. Addressing the audience, Minogue said, “I am excited to be here. We were reminiscing that this is our last show, so we have all been a little emotional today. Let me just say it has exceeded all my expectations. This is the end…for this moment. I love you so much – I cannot wait to see you again.”

An insider shared with The Sun that Minogue has become a “must-see act in Vegas” and is likely to return in November 2025, the same month she began her residency. The source added, “With a new album on its way, she will be in so much more demand. But Voltaire and the committed audiences have won her heart over, and she will be a mainstay there.”

Furthermore, The Sun previously reported that nightclub boss Michael Gruber offered Minogue a “residency for life” deal in Las Vegas. A source explained, “Michael absolutely loves Kylie and doesn’t want to lose her. It is the first ‘residency for life’ where you come and go based on your schedule that has been put on the table in Vegas. Usually, venues want to lock someone in for a fixed period or have exclusivity when it comes to live shows. But when it comes to Kylie, Michael knows he is on to something Golden and he’s put the offer on the table for Kylie to consider.”

Minogue’s initial residency began in November 2023 to support her 16th studio album. With new music on the horizon and a possible return to Vegas, fans have much to look forward to from the pop legend.

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