20 Best Metal Songs of the 2010s: You Can’t Miss

by Patria

The 2010s was a dynamic decade for metal music, marked by both innovation and reverence for the genre’s roots. From the resurgence of thrash and death metal to the rise of new subgenres, the metal scene in the 2010s showcased a diverse range of sounds and styles. This article explores some of the best metal songs of the 2010s, highlighting their impact, musicality, and the bands behind them.

2010s Metal Music

The 2010s was a transformative decade for metal music, marked by a blend of innovation and homage to the genre’s roots. This period saw a resurgence of classic subgenres like thrash and death metal, while also witnessing the emergence of new styles such as blackgaze and progressive metal. Bands old and new pushed the boundaries, experimenting with diverse sounds and thematic content, which helped to expand the metal genre’s reach and influence.

Iconic bands like Black Sabbath and Metallica continued to assert their dominance, releasing new material that resonated with both longtime fans and a new generation of listeners. Simultaneously, bands like Ghost, Gojira, and Mastodon brought fresh perspectives to the scene, blending melodic elements with heavy riffs and intricate compositions. The rise of female-fronted metal bands such as Jinjer and the continued success of symphonic metal acts like Nightwish highlighted the genre’s growing diversity.

The 2010s also saw metal music becoming more accessible and mainstream, with bands gaining visibility through social media, streaming platforms, and major music festivals. This decade was characterized by a blend of introspective lyrics and powerful, aggressive instrumentation, reflecting the complexities of modern life and the enduring appeal of metal’s raw, unfiltered energy. The result was a vibrant, evolving metal scene that set the stage for future innovations and continued growth.

20 Best Metal Songs of the 2010s

1. Black Sabbath – “God Is Dead?” (2013)

The return of Black Sabbath with their 2013 album 13 was a monumental moment for metal fans. “God Is Dead?” stands out as a track that captures the essence of Sabbath’s iconic sound while exploring philosophical themes. Ozzy Osbourne’s haunting vocals, Tony Iommi’s crushing riffs, and Geezer Butler’s profound lyrics made this song a modern classic, proving that the godfathers of metal could still deliver.

2. Ghost – “Square Hammer” (2016)

Ghost’s unique blend of melodic metal and theatricality gained widespread acclaim with their 2016 single “Square Hammer.” The song’s catchy hooks and infectious energy brought a fresh, accessible twist to the metal genre. Frontman Tobias Forge, known for his various personas, led the band to new heights with this anthem that became a staple in their live performances.

3. Gojira – “Stranded” (2016)

French metal band Gojira continued to push boundaries with their 2016 album Magma. “Stranded” stands out as one of the best tracks, combining technical prowess with emotional depth. The song’s heavy riffs, intricate drumming, and powerful vocals by Joe Duplantier create a compelling soundscape that addresses themes of loss and resilience.

4. Mastodon – “The Motherload” (2014)

Mastodon’s 2014 album Once More ‘Round the Sun featured “The Motherload,” a track that balances melodic elements with their signature progressive metal style. The song’s catchy chorus and dynamic instrumentation showcase the band’s ability to blend complex musicianship with mainstream appeal. The accompanying music video, known for its twerking dancers juxtaposed with the band’s intense performance, added to its popularity.

5. Slipknot – “The Devil in I” (2014)

Slipknot’s fifth album, .5: The Gray Chapter, marked their return after a six-year hiatus and the death of bassist Paul Gray. “The Devil in I” is a standout track that captures the band’s raw energy and emotional intensity. Corey Taylor’s versatile vocals, combined with the band’s aggressive instrumentation, create a powerful anthem that resonates with fans.

6. Lamb of God – “512” (2015)

Lamb of God’s “512” from their 2015 album VII: Sturm und Drang is a visceral track inspired by frontman Randy Blythe’s time in a Czech prison. The song’s brutal riffs, relentless drumming, and Blythe’s ferocious vocals convey a sense of confinement and rage, making it one of the band’s most impactful songs of the decade.

7. Baroness – “Take My Bones Away” (2012)

Baroness’s “Take My Bones Away” from their 2012 album Yellow & Green showcases the band’s ability to blend sludge metal with melodic rock. The song’s driving rhythm, soaring guitar leads, and emotive vocals by John Baizley create an anthemic quality that resonates with listeners. The track’s balance of heaviness and melody highlights Baroness’s unique sound.

8. Opeth – “Sorceress” (2016)

Opeth’s transition from death metal to progressive rock/metal reached a pinnacle with their 2016 album Sorceress. The title track combines elements of 70s prog rock with the band’s signature dark and complex arrangements. Mikael Åkerfeldt’s multifaceted vocals, along with intricate guitar work and dynamic shifts, make “Sorceress” a standout in Opeth’s diverse catalog.

9. Parkway Drive – “Vice Grip” (2015)

Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive made a significant impact with their 2015 album Ire, particularly with the track “Vice Grip”. The song’s anthemic chorus, powerful breakdowns, and Winston McCall’s commanding vocals exemplify the band’s evolution towards a more accessible yet still heavy sound. “Vice Grip” became a fan favorite and a staple in the band’s live shows.

10. Architects – “Doomsday” (2017)

“Doomsday” by Architects is a poignant track that holds special significance as it was the last song written by the band’s late guitarist Tom Searle. Released in 2017, the song features a blend of emotional lyrics, melodic elements, and heavy instrumentation that has become characteristic of Architects’ sound. “Doomsday” is a tribute to Searle’s legacy and a testament to the band’s resilience.

11. Trivium – “In Waves” (2011)

Trivium’s 2011 single “In Waves” from the album of the same name is a quintessential metal anthem of the decade. The song’s aggressive riffs, commanding vocals by Matt Heafy, and intense breakdowns showcase Trivium’s ability to create powerful, high-energy music. “In Waves” became a defining track for the band, marking a new era in their career.

12. Behemoth – “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” (2014)

Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth released “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” as part of their critically acclaimed 2014 album The Satanist. The song’s dark, atmospheric elements, combined with Nergal’s growling vocals and intense instrumentation, create a chilling and epic soundscape. The track’s bold themes and intricate composition make it a standout in Behemoth’s discography.

13. Avenged Sevenfold – “Hail to the King” (2013)

Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail to the King” from their 2013 album of the same name pays homage to classic heavy metal influences. The song’s powerful riffs, melodic solos, and M. Shadows’ commanding vocals draw inspiration from legends like Metallica and Iron Maiden. “Hail to the King” became a commercial success and solidified Avenged Sevenfold’s place in modern metal.

14. Amon Amarth – “Guardians of Asgaard” (2013)

Amon Amarth’s “Guardians of Asgaard” from their 2013 album Deceiver of the Gods is a Viking metal anthem that captures the band’s signature sound. The song’s galloping riffs, heroic lyrics, and Johan Hegg’s deep growls create an epic and immersive experience. “Guardians of Asgaard” is a prime example of Amon Amarth’s ability to blend mythology with metal.

15. Ghost Bath – “Golden Number” (2017)

“Golden Number” by Ghost Bath, from their 2017 album Starmourner, is a standout track in the post-black metal subgenre. The song’s ethereal atmosphere, emotional intensity, and blend of harsh and clean vocals create a hauntingly beautiful experience. Ghost Bath’s unique approach to black metal sets them apart, and “Golden Number” exemplifies their innovative sound.

16. Power Trip – “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)” (2017)

Power Trip’s “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)” from their 2017 album Nightmare Logic is a thrash metal masterpiece. The song’s aggressive riffs, relentless energy, and Riley Gale’s snarling vocals capture the essence of classic thrash while injecting a modern edge. “Executioner’s Tax” became a defining track for Power Trip and a rallying cry for metal fans.

17. Deafheaven – “Dream House” (2013)

Deafheaven’s “Dream House” from their 2013 album Sunbather is a groundbreaking track in the blackgaze genre. The song’s blend of black metal intensity, shoegaze atmosphere, and emotional depth creates a unique and captivating sound. “Dream House” received critical acclaim and helped establish Deafheaven as pioneers of a new metal subgenre.

18. Jinjer – “Pisces” (2016)

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer gained international recognition with their 2016 single “Pisces” from the album King of Everything. The song’s seamless transitions between melodic and heavy sections, along with Tatiana Shmayluk’s versatile vocals, showcase the band’s technical prowess and innovative approach to metal. “Pisces” became a viral hit and a defining moment for Jinjer.

19. Nightwish – “Élan” (2015)

Symphonic metal giants Nightwish released “Élan” as the lead single from their 2015 album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. The song’s lush orchestration, soaring vocals by Floor Jansen, and philosophical lyrics reflect the band’s grand, cinematic style. “Élan” exemplifies Nightwish’s ability to blend metal with symphonic and progressive elements.

20. Kreator – “Satan Is Real” (2017)

German thrash metal band Kreator’s “Satan Is Real” from their 2017 album Gods of Violence is a powerful track that combines aggressive riffs, intense drumming, and Mille Petrozza’s commanding vocals. The song’s provocative lyrics and relentless energy make it a standout in Kreator’s extensive catalog and a highlight of the 2010s thrash metal scene.


The 2010s was a decade that saw metal music evolve and diversify, with bands both old and new pushing the boundaries of the genre. These songs represent some of the best and most influential tracks of the decade, showcasing the creativity, intensity, and innovation that define metal music. Whether through technical prowess, emotional depth, or sheer sonic power, these songs have left a lasting impact on the metal scene and continue to resonate with fans around the world.

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