The Beatles to Release New Music Video for ‘Let It Be’

by Patria

The iconic rock group, The Beatles, has unveiled plans for a new music video for their timeless hit ‘Let It Be.’ Originally released in 1970 as part of their final studio album, the track continues to captivate audiences nearly 55 years later.

The upcoming video, set to premiere on Friday (10.05.24), will feature clips from the Disney+ film of the same title, offering fans a fresh perspective on this beloved song. Additionally, viewers can look forward to never-before-seen outtakes from the rushes, adding a new layer of excitement to the release.

The ‘Let It Be’ film, distinct from the ‘Get Back’ docuseries, provides an intimate look into The Beatles’ creative process. From rehearsals to studio sessions and their iconic rooftop performance in January 1969, the film showcases the band’s journey as they craft their Grammy Award-winning ‘Let It Be’ album.

Apple Corps, in collaboration with Jackson’s Park Road Post Production, has meticulously restored the film from its original 16mm negative. Utilizing cutting-edge technology seen in the ‘Get Back’ series, the restoration aims to deliver a visually stunning experience for fans old and new.

Director Lindsay-Hogg reflects on the impact of ‘Let It Be,’ noting its initial release amidst The Beatles’ breakup. However, he emphasizes the joy and camaraderie captured in the film, particularly during the rooftop performance that exudes a sense of unity and creativity among the band members.

Fans are encouraged to tune in for the premiere of the new ‘Let It Be’ music video, set to debut on Friday at 6am PDT / 9am EDT / 2pm BST, promising a nostalgic yet fresh take on this legendary track.

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