Basement Jaxx Planning Big UK Shows for 30th Anniversary

by Patria
Basement Jaxx

Electronic dance duo Basement Jaxx, comprising Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, is gearing up for a series of major shows in the UK to celebrate their 30th anniversary. The duo, known for their energetic performances and innovative sound, formed in 1994 and gained prominence with their club nights in Brixton, which inspired their name.

According to insider reports from The Sun’s Bizarre column, Basement Jaxx is preparing to announce a lineup of significant shows to commemorate three decades since their musical journey began. The source revealed, “Basement Jaxx got their name because of the club nights they put on in Brixton in 1994. They didn’t release their debut album for another five years but for Felix and Simon, this year celebrates 30 years from where their music first started.”

Last year, the duo had limited appearances in the UK, making these upcoming shows a rare opportunity for fans to experience their full live performance. The insider added, “Last year Basement Jaxx only played a couple of times in the UK, and this will give fans more of a chance to see a full live show. It is massive for Felix and Simon, and they’re really excited about what they have planned.”

While their latest studio album, ‘Junto,’ was released a decade ago, there’s potential for new music if these shows are well-received. The source hinted, “If the shows are as successful as they think they might be, they could start working on some new music which would be really special. It’s something they’ve been talking about for a while.”

In a previous interview in 2019, the duo expressed their desire to counter the trend of “shallow and stupid” pop music with more meaningful and impactful creations. Simon commented, “We’ve been living in a dumbed-down culture for ages, pop music has been so shallow and stupid.” Felix added, “Now feels like a good time to come back, and funnily enough, club music has gone back to what we were doing at the beginning.”

Fans of Basement Jaxx can look forward to an exciting celebration of their music legacy and the potential for new creative endeavors from the dynamic duo.

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