Madonna Faces Another Lawsuit Over Concert Delays

by Patria

Madonna, known as the Queen of Pop, is once again in legal trouble over delayed concerts, this time facing a lawsuit from Washington D.C. concertgoers who claim she showed “total disrespect” for her fans. This lawsuit follows a previous legal battle in New York City over a delayed concert.

According to the lawsuit filed in D.C. federal court, three fans allege that Madonna took the stage two hours late for her performance at the Capital One Arena on December 18. The lawsuit also names Live Nation, a concert giant, as a defendant.

The fans’ lawyers argued that Madonna’s late start and the resulting hours of waiting in a hot and uncomfortable arena demonstrated her arrogance and disrespect towards her fans. They described Madonna and Live Nation as a consumer’s worst nightmare.

This legal action comes after Madonna’s legal team attempted to dismiss a class-action lawsuit filed by two fans in New York City earlier this year. The initial lawsuit claimed that a concert on Madonna’s Celebration Tour at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn started two hours late, causing inconvenience to ticketholders.

In response to the New York lawsuit, Madonna’s lawyers argued that a two-hour delay did not justify legal action, stating that the inconvenience of late-night travel or early work schedules for ticketholders did not constitute a legally recognizable injury.

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