Justin Bieber and Machine Gun Kelly Pay Tribute to Slain Rapper Chris King

by Patria

Renowned musicians Justin Bieber and Machine Gun Kelly recently honored the memory of rapper Chris King, known by his birth name Christopher Cheeks, who tragically lost his life in a shooting incident in Nashville on April 20. King, aged 32, had a significant connection to Bieber, having been his former roommate.

The incident that led to King’s untimely demise occurred during an armed robbery between Hayes and Church Streets in Nashville, where King and two companions were confronted by three assailants. King succumbed to his injuries from the shooting, while a 29-year-old man was also injured.

Upon learning of King’s passing, Bieber took to social media to express his grief and pay tribute to his friend. In an Instagram Story, Bieber wrote, “Love you bro. This one hurts. Please keep his family in your prayers. See you in paradise brother.”

Nashville police confirmed the tragic news, with Homicide Unit detectives actively pursuing leads related to the shooting. The department stated, “Homicide Unit detectives are working strong, active leads into Saturday’s 2:30 am shooting that killed Christopher Cheeks, 32, and injured a 29-year-old man.”

Machine Gun Kelly also joined in honoring King’s memory, acknowledging his uniqueness with the comment, “Chris was rare.”

As the founder of Snotty Nose Records, King had made a name for himself in the music industry through collaborations with various artists, including Trippie Redd, who fondly remembered him online. Trippie shared, “Original 1400 I love you until we meet again twin. Would not be where I am today without @whoischrisking he introduced me to @elliotgrainge & @milothelight and he had the best energy always. He had so many friends and it shows I love you guys for supporting one of my best friends ever, my brother.”

The music community mourns the loss of Chris King, whose talent and spirit have left a lasting impact on those who knew him.

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