Kate Hudson Unveils Debut Album “Glorious” and Drops New Single

by Patria
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has unveiled details about her debut album, “Glorious,” marking a significant milestone in her career. The actress, aged 44, recently announced the album’s title and release date, scheduled for 17 May.

Accompanying this announcement, Kate also dropped a new single titled “Gonna Find Out.” Expressing her excitement about the album, she remarked, “I’d say it doesn’t seem real, but the truth is: this is realer to me than anything I’ve done in my entire life.” She emphasized that the album reflects her true self and represents a culmination of years of work and self-discovery.

The 12-track album has been a labor of love for Kate, with the actress delving deep into her musical journey. She described the process as a personal exploration, stating, “When it comes to talking about where this album comes from, the years I’ve spent quietly making music and living inside the songs, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop talking about it.”

“Gonna Find Out” is the latest addition to Kate’s musical repertoire, following earlier releases like “Talk About Love” and “Live Forever,” both of which were well-received by fans.

Speaking about her new music, Kate expressed her desire for songs that are “sexy and delicious, vulnerable and strong, willing and fearless.” She aimed to capture the essence of life’s journey and the emotions it evokes.

Fans and music enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of “Glorious” on 17 May, eager to experience Kate Hudson’s musical debut and the stories it holds within its tracks.

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