The Beatles’ Iconic ‘Let It Be’ Documentary to Premiere on Disney+

by Patria

The legendary Beatles documentary film ‘Let It Be’ is set to make a historic debut on Disney+ after more than 50 years since its original release.

Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, the 1970 film, which accompanied the release of the band’s final studio album, will be available on Disney+ starting May 8, 2024. Fans, who have long struggled to access the film, often resorting to bootleg versions, can finally experience this iconic piece of music history.

The documentary captures the band’s creative process during the making of their acclaimed LP in January 1969 at London’s Twickenham Film Studios. Following the success of Peter Jackson’s 2021 Disney series, ‘The Beatles: Get Back,’ which unveiled unseen footage and shed new light on the band’s dynamics, ‘Let It Be’ has been fully restored with additional context.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg expressed how the timing of the film’s original release affected its perception, stating that it was overshadowed by the band’s breakup. However, he emphasizes that the film also showcases moments of joy and camaraderie, particularly during rehearsals at Apple Corps on Savile Row and the legendary rooftop concert, marking The Beatles’ final live performance together.

The restoration process involved meticulous work on the original 16mm negative, using advanced technology similar to that used in the ‘Get Back’ series. Lindsay-Hogg praised Peter Jackson’s ability to weave together the historical footage, creating a more comprehensive narrative of The Beatles’ final chapter.

Peter Jackson himself expressed excitement about ‘Let It Be’s’ restoration and re-release, noting its significance in completing the ‘Get Back’ story. The two projects, according to Jackson, complement each other, with ‘Let It Be’ serving as the culmination of ‘Get Back’ and ‘Get Back’ providing crucial context for ‘Let It Be.’

Fans can anticipate seeing Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Ringo Starr, and the late John Lennon and George Harrison in their element, alongside the late Billy Preston, who notably contributed to the album with his piano work on ‘Get Back.’

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