Paloma Faith Contemplates Career Change Amidst Music Career Consideration

by Patria

British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith is contemplating a shift in her career trajectory.

During an episode of the Great Company podcast with Jamie Laing, Paloma disclosed her thoughts on potentially winding down her music career.

“I might release one more record,” the 42-year-old shared on the podcast. She also mentioned her mother’s encouragement for her to pursue teaching. “My mum’s always telling me I need to train to be a teacher,” Paloma revealed. “She’s like, ‘You’ve had kids, you’ve done the pop star thing. Go and do PGCE (teacher training) because then you can have the same holidays as your kids.'”

Considering this advice, Paloma added, “I’m considering it. I just might put one more record out.”

Paloma, who shares two daughters with her ex-partner Leyman Lahcine, also discussed the breakdown of her nearly decade-long relationship with the French artist during the podcast.

“Resentment, because there was disparity, I think, between what I put into it and him,” she reflected. “But I say on the album, there is a spoken bit, where I say I know it is my fault.”

This revelation seemingly alludes to her album The Glorification of Sadness, released in February.

Paloma announced her split from Leyman in August of the previous year, although the breakup was initially reported in November 2022.

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