Liam Gallagher Discourages Oasis Reunion, Urges Moving On for Mental Health

by Patria
Liam Gallagher

In recent news, Liam Gallagher has discouraged former Oasis bandmate Andy Bell from raising hopes about a potential Oasis reunion. The iconic Britpop group’s former frontman has long expressed a desire for reconciliation with his estranged brother, ex-guitarist Noel Gallagher, to revive the ‘Wonderwall’ group, albeit unsuccessfully.

Despite Liam’s persistent pleas, including his appeals to put past grievances aside, he remains adamant that an Oasis reunion is unlikely and advocates for everyone to “move on” for their well-being.

During a recent interview with Virgin Radio, Andy shared his optimism about a potential Oasis reunion, stating, “Yeah, they probably will. I think yeah, they probably will do it. I don’t think it looks likely right now, but life is long, isn’t it?”

Drawing parallels to other feuds in the music industry, Andy compared Noel and Liam Gallagher’s rift to that of the Stone Roses, noting the eventual reconciliation and return to live performances.

However, Liam swiftly responded on X, cautioning against raising expectations. He mentioned Andy Bell’s previous involvement with Ride and the significance of not fueling false hopes. Liam emphasized that dwelling on an Oasis reunion is neither beneficial nor sensible.

In a follow-up, Andy apologized for unintentionally raising expectations, acknowledging the sensitivity of the topic and the need to manage fans’ hopes responsibly.

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