Charli XCX’s Upcoming Album ‘Brat’ Takes a Different Approach

by Patria

Charli XCX, known for her infectious hits like ‘Hot In It,’ is gearing up for the release of her upcoming album ‘Brat,’ and fans can expect something quite different from her usual style. In a recent cover interview for Vogue Singapore’s Pop issue, the singer revealed that ‘Brat’ is a departure from her previous work, particularly in terms of lyrics and themes.

Describing her approach to the album, Charli XCX stated, “Lyrically, this is quite a different record for me. I’ve written the songs almost in the way I would write texts to my friends or based on things I would say to them on FaceTime. We talk a lot about pop culture and music, and it’s been really fun to gossip about the songs we go. They’ll ask ‘Oh, who is this one about? Is this about a friend? Is it about an ex?’ It has fueled this fun, gossipy narrative which permeates the album.”

The album, which she previously described as “gossipy and hardcore,” is geared towards a club atmosphere, catering to fans who enjoy partying, sweating, and raving. Charli XCX expressed confidence in her new music, stating, “I feel good about the music. Every artist says this about their new record, but I really do feel like this is my best music [yet]. I’m super excited.”

Despite the upbeat and energetic vibe of ‘Brat,’ the album also includes a reflective track that delves into dealing with grief. Charli XCX shared insights about the song ‘So I,’ which addresses her relationship with the late pop pioneer and collaborator SOPHIE, who passed away in 2021. She described the song as touching on themes of grief and real emotions, capturing a conversational and diary-like tone throughout the album.

‘Brat’ is set for release sometime this summer, promising a dynamic blend of gossipy narratives, hardcore beats, and heartfelt reflections. Fans can anticipate a new dimension to Charli XCX’s musical repertoire with this upcoming project.

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