Kylie Minogue Reportedly Working on Upcoming Full-On Dance Album

by Patria

Kylie Minogue, the renowned pop legend at 55, is said to be gearing up for a new musical venture with a “full-on” dance album in the works.

Having experienced a remarkable career resurgence in 2023 fueled by the viral success of her summer hit ‘Padam Padam,’ Minogue is not slowing down. According to insiders, she is already laying the groundwork for her next two albums. One of these projects will be a repackaged version of her 16th studio album ‘Tension,’ which soared to the top of the charts upon its release toward the end of last year, marking her seventh chart-topping album.

Sources close to the singer revealed to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, “Kylie has made it clear to her team this is no time to slow down. Plans are already in motion for the next two albums, one of which will be a repackage of ‘Tension’ with additional songs. As for the direction of album 17, it’s early days — but a full-on dance album is in the works.”

Over the past year, Kylie Minogue has expanded her musical horizons, delving into various genres since her debut as a pop artist in the late 1990s. Her success extended to a Las Vegas residency, highlighting her newfound popularity in the United States. The insider disclosed that the revamped version of ‘Tension’ is expected to hit shelves before the end of 2024, featuring possibly up to five new tracks.

Commenting on her recent accolades, including being named Global Icon at the BRIT Awards 2024 and winning a Grammy Award for Best Pop Dance Recording, Kylie emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities. She expressed to Billboard magazine, “I told someone at my label: ‘It’s happening now. There’s no snoozing.’ I am wildly inspired right now. I’m at a point in my life where I know it’s not eternal. I just want to maximize this brilliant wave. If you’re not out paddling for when that wave comes along, you’ve got no hope.”

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