Carlene Carter Defends Beyoncé’s Country Music Venture

by Patria
Carlene Carter

Carlene Carter, daughter of country music legend June Carter Cash, has voiced her support for Beyoncé’s decision to explore country music with her new album, Cowboy Carter.

In a statement reported by Variety, Carlene, a renowned country singer-songwriter with deep roots in the Carter family musical legacy, praised Beyoncé for her creativity and courage in venturing into a new genre. She also addressed critics who questioned Beyoncé’s authenticity in country music.

“As a Carter Girl myself and coming from a long line of Carter Girls, I’m moved to ask why anyone would treat a Carter this way?” Carlene expressed. “She is an incredibly talented and creative woman who obviously wanted to do this because she likes country music.”

Carlene emphasized the spirit of exploration and boundary-pushing that characterizes the Carter family’s musical journey. “In my book, she’s one of us Carter women, and we have always pushed the boundaries by trying whatever music we felt in our hearts and taking spirit-driven risks,” she explained.

Regarding Beyoncé’s venture into country music, Carlene extended a warm welcome, declaring, “I am here to let Beyoncé and all those nay-sayers know that I admire and love her and all she does.” She added, “Here’s a warm welcome to the Carter Girl Club! It’s only a matter of time before those nay-sayers become Bey-sayers.”

Despite some backlash from certain country music fans questioning the authenticity of Beyoncé’s foray into country music, Cowboy Carter has received positive reviews from critics, highlighting the versatility and artistry of Beyoncé’s musical talent.

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