AC/DC’s Bon Scott to Be Portrayed in Fictionalized Film

by Patria

A new film centered around AC/DC’s legendary frontman Bon Scott, titled ‘The Kid From Harvest Road,’ is set to capture the essence of his early life in a fictionalized narrative rather than a strict biopic. The film, set in the 1960s during Scott’s formative years, aims to delve into his coming-of-age experiences in Fremantle without adhering strictly to factual events.

HALO Films, the production company behind the project, clarified in a statement that while they appreciate the media attention and support for the film’s development, they want to emphasize that ‘The Kid From Harvest Road’ will offer an imaginative exploration of Scott’s character and background. The film draws inspiration from the atmosphere and stories of the 1960s, allowing for a deeper dive into the influences that shaped Scott as both a person and the iconic frontman of AC/DC.

Lee Tiger Halley has been cast to portray Bon Scott, with the movie’s screenplay penned by Stephen Belowsky and co-written/directed by David Vincent Smith. Tim Duffy will produce the film, with Ian Hale and Nicko Mezzino serving as executive producers for HALO Films and Protocol Pictures, respectively.

Bon Scott, known for his charismatic stage presence and powerful vocals, served as AC/DC’s lead vocalist from 1974 until his tragic death in 1980. ‘The Kid From Harvest Road’ aims to shed light on his early life and the cultural landscape of Fremantle during that era, offering a unique perspective on the iconic musician’s journey to rock stardom.

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