Shakira Addresses Rumors About Gerard Piqué’s Alleged Affair

by Patria

Shakira has dispelled a widely circulated theory suggesting she discovered her ex-partner Gerard Piqué’s alleged infidelity when she noticed her jam had been consumed. The speculation, which gained traction online, was recently addressed by the singer during an interview with The Sunday Times.

In response to the viral rumor, Shakira simply stated, “Not true,” and expressed unfamiliarity with the topic when questioned by the interviewer.

The Colombian music icon and retired footballer confirmed their separation after 11 years in June 2022. The narrative surrounding the jam incident gained attention following the release of Shakira’s music video for “Te Felicito,” a collaboration with Rauw Alejandro, in April 2022. The video depicted Shakira discovering Rauw’s head in a fridge, adding a playful nod to the jam speculation.

During an appearance on This Morning in May 2022, Shakira discussed the fridge scene, noting that she looked into the fridge in the video to “find out the truth.”

In The Sunday Times interview, Shakira also reflected on the sacrifices she made for her relationship with Gerard Piqué, including putting her career on hold to support him and their children, Milan and Sasha, in Barcelona, Spain.

“With Gerard playing football, I made sacrifices and put my career on hold for a long time,” Shakira shared. “There was a lot of sacrifice for love.”

Despite personal challenges, Shakira’s dedication to her music remains steadfast. Her upcoming album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” (Women Don’t Cry Anymore), is scheduled for release on March 22, marking her first album in seven years.

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