Zayn Malik Announces Release Date for New Album “Room Under The Stairs”

by Patria
Zayn Malik

Fans of Zayn Malik have been eagerly awaiting news of his latest musical endeavor, and the former One Direction heartthrob didn’t disappoint. On Wednesday (March 13, 2024), Zayn took to Instagram to reveal that his much-anticipated new album, titled “Room Under The Stairs,” is set to drop on May 17.

Accompanied by the album’s artwork, Zayn’s post read, “ROOM UNDER THE STAIRS ? 17.05.2024 PRE-ORDER FRIDAY.”

The announcement follows a week of heightened anticipation after the 31-year-old artist wiped his social media platforms clean, leaving fans speculating about what’s to come from his solo venture.

In a teaser clip shared by Zayn, he provided insight into the creative process behind the album, stating, “I think the intention behind this album fully is for the listener to get more insight on me [personally] as a human being. My ambitions, my fears… and for them to have a connection with that.”

Describing the album as raw and deeply personal, Zayn emphasized his desire for an unfiltered connection between himself and his audience. A snippet of a soulful new track teased fans, with Zayn crooning, “If I told you I loved you, would you say that it’s f***** up.”

Collaborating with esteemed country music producer Dave Cobb on this project, Zayn’s musical direction has sparked speculation, with some suggesting he may explore the country genre akin to Beyoncé’s foray into country music.

Reflecting on his collaboration with Zayn, Cobb expressed admiration for the singer’s emotive voice, stating, “What got me about Zayn was his voice, you can hear love, loss, pain, triumph, and humanity in it.” He added, “Zayn has really created his own universe on this record, he really has no fear and is speaking straight from his soul.”

With Dave Cobb’s impressive track record, having worked with the likes of Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile, and John Prine, among others, anticipation for Zayn’s “Room Under The Stairs” continues to mount as fans eagerly await its release on May 17.

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