Zayn Malik Teases Personal Solo Album, Collaborates with Country Producer

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Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik, the former One Direction star, has left fans intrigued as he wiped his social media pages clean, offering only a teaser of what’s to come from his upcoming solo album.

In the teaser clip, Zayn revealed that fans can anticipate a deeply personal collection of songs entirely penned by himself. He shared, “I think the intention behind this album fully is for the listener to get more insight on me [personally] as a human being. My ambitions, my fears…and for them to have a connection with that. And that’s why it’s so raw, you know, it’s just me writing this. I didn’t want anyone else to be in between me and the music, and the music and the people listening to it.”

Accompanied by a soulful new song snippet, Zayn sings, “If I told you I loved you, would you say that it’s f***** up.”

Notably, Zayn is collaborating with country music producer Dave Cobb on his forthcoming album, sparking speculation about a potential shift towards country music akin to Beyoncé’s venture.

Dave Cobb, based in Nashville, Tennessee, renowned for his work with artists like Chris Stapleton and Brandi Carlile, expressed admiration for Zayn’s voice and noted the deeply personal nature of the upcoming record. He stated, “What got me about Zayn was his voice, you can hear love, loss, pain, triumph, and humanity in it. I feel as if this record is removing the glass from his spirit directly to his fans. Zayn has really created his own universe on this record, he really has no fear and is speaking straight from his soul.”

Zayn, discussing his new material, promised a departure from his previous releases, stating, “I’ve got a few really sad ones [songs], yeah. It’s a different sound for me, and it’s got like some more narrative going on like real-life experiences and stuff.”

Last year, Zayn released the single ‘Love Like This’, describing it as “a summer jam” with a good vibe that encapsulates the essence of summer.

Moreover, alongside his musical endeavors, Zayn served as the executive music producer for the recently released animated film, ’10 Lives’, where he also lent his voice to characters and collaborated with ‘Bridgerton’ star Simone Ashley on a duet.

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