Jack Antonoff Defends Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Amidst Criticism

by Patria
Jack Antonoff

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, record producer Jack Antonoff, 39, passionately defended Taylor Swift’s songwriting abilities, asserting that critics risk being labeled “toast” in his eyes.

Reflecting on his outspoken support for Swift, Antonoff addressed past criticisms from artists like Damon Albarn and Kanye West. When Albarn suggested in January 2022 that Swift may not write her own songs, Antonoff promptly responded on Twitter, stating, “I’ve never met Damon Albarn and he’s never been to my studio but apparently he knows more than the rest of us about all those songs Taylor writes and brings in. Herb,” he posted at the time.

Albarn later apologized for his remarks, acknowledging their sensationalized nature.

Antonoff’s unwavering loyalty to Swift also extends to his condemnation of Kanye West’s long-standing feud with the “All Too Well” singer, which traces back to the 2009 MTV VMAs incident where West interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech.

In his conversation with the L.A. Times, Antonoff emphasized that questioning Swift’s songwriting abilities is akin to challenging one’s faith in a higher power, underscoring the taboo nature of such inquiries.

Meanwhile, Swift is gearing up for the release of her eleventh studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” with Antonoff among its producers. The highly anticipated album is scheduled for release on April 19th.

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