Alleged Assault Involving Taylor Swift’s Father Under Investigation in Sydney

by Patria

An incident involving Taylor Swift’s father, Scott Swift, has sparked an investigation in Sydney, Australia, after allegations surfaced of him assaulting a photographer.

The reported altercation occurred at approximately 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning at a ferry wharf. According to claims, Scott Swift, 71, was involved in an altercation with photographer Ben McDonald.

Police have confirmed the initiation of an investigation into the alleged incident.

McDonald, aged 51, recounted to the Daily Mail Australia that following Taylor Swift’s final performance in Sydney, both Taylor and her father disembarked from a boat and allegedly approached him aggressively.

The exact motivation behind the alleged assault remains unclear, with McDonald stating, “He probably decided he needed to defend his daughter, for some reason.”

It is understood that Taylor Swift and her father had been out celebrating the conclusion of her final Sydney show.

During her Australian Eras tour, Taylor Swift performed for over 300,000 fans across Melbourne and Sydney.

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