Alicia Keys: Breaking Free from Industry Expectations

by Patria
Alicia Keys

Grammy-award-winning artist Alicia Keys recently opened up about her early struggles to navigate the entertainment world, feeling pressured to conform to others’ expectations upon entering the music business at just 19 years old.

In an interview with People magazine, Alicia, now 43, reflected on her initial experiences in the industry, describing it as an “alien universe” that felt far removed from her authentic self.

“I always felt like on top of being a young girl just entering into the music business, exploring, being on television and performing under hot lights and sweating and just (being) in a whole new universe – it was like an alien universe,” she shared.

Struggling to reconcile the demands of the industry with her own identity, Alicia felt compelled to conform to perceived notions of who she should be. “I didn’t feel like myself. I felt like I had to conform to everybody’s expectation of what they thought I was or should be,” she admitted.

However, over time, Alicia found the courage to break free from these constraints and embrace her true self. “And it really took quite a lot of discipline and a lot of time before I got to the place where I realized that I didn’t have to be this person, that I didn’t have to fulfill other people’s dreams of me. I could actually just be who I am,” she explained.

In a notable act of self-expression, Alicia made headlines in 2016 when she decided to stop wearing makeup in public, a decision she maintained for several years. Describing this as a “rebellious moment,” she emphasized the importance of defining one’s own identity and boundaries.

Recently, Alicia showcased her authentic self once again, delivering a powerful performance alongside Usher at the Super Bowl halftime show, reaffirming her commitment to artistic integrity and self-expression.

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