Doja Cat’s Bid for Permanent Restraining Order Against Brother Denied

by Patria

In a recent development, 28-year-old rapper Doja Cat has been denied a permanent restraining order against her older brother. The decision comes in the wake of allegations leveled against her brother, who stands accused of theft and physical abuse towards the artist.

The denial follows assertions made by Doja Cat’s mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, who had previously detailed instances of physical and verbal abuse allegedly perpetrated by her son, Raman Dlamini, aged 30. Sawyer has expressed concerns regarding her safety, citing alleged abusive behavior by her son, including incidents that reportedly left Doja Cat feeling traumatized.

Although Deborah Sawyer had previously secured a restraining order against Raman, its expiration necessitated the pursuit of a new restraining order, which has been granted for a duration of five years. Despite this, Doja Cat, known by her real name Amala Dlamini, has faced hurdles in obtaining a restraining order against her brother.

Reports suggest a history of alleged misconduct by Raman, including claims of property destruction, theft, and further instances of physical and verbal abuse. Earlier filings highlighted a disturbing pattern of behavior, with allegations ranging from property damage to assaults resulting in injury.

Deborah Sawyer, in her filings, painted a distressing picture of the alleged turmoil within the family, citing ongoing anxiety and fear stemming from her son’s actions. Despite these claims, Doja Cat’s pursuit of legal recourse has met with a setback in her bid for a restraining order against her brother.

The denial of the permanent restraining order underscores the complexities surrounding familial disputes and legal proceedings, as Doja Cat and her family continue to navigate this challenging situation.

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