Kanye West Seeks Venue Help Amid Comeback from Antisemitism Controversy

by Patria
Kanye West

Grammy-winning artist Kanye West has turned to his fanbase for support in securing venues for his upcoming performances as he endeavors to stage a resurgence in the wake of an antisemitism controversy.

The renowned rapper, known for hits like “Stronger,” disclosed on Tuesday evening that despite his rapid sell-out of tickets for his hometown show at the United Center in Chicago, he has encountered difficulties securing bookings at other arenas.

“We just sold out the United Center in seven minutes… It’s the only arena that I had access to in the past year. And when I call, people say there’s no (availabilities) for me, and you know why that is. So if there’s anybody out there that can help with this, please do,” West expressed in a now-deleted Instagram video.

In a subsequent post, West lamented, “I have not been allowed to perform in a year. Feels like the Elvis Presley movie.”

The 46-year-old artist followed up by sharing screenshots of messages containing potential venue offers.

West’s comeback attempts come after facing repercussions in late 2022 when he was dropped from various partnerships due to making antisemitic remarks across social media and interviews.

In December 2023, he extended an apology to the Jewish community in Hebrew, expressing, “It was not my intention to hurt or disrespect, and I deeply regret any pain I may have caused.”

Scheduled to perform alongside Ty Dolla $ign at the United Center in Chicago on Thursday, West will usher in the release of their joint album, “Vultures,” the following day. Additional installments of “Vultures” are slated for release in March and April.

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