Alice Cooper Launches New Radio Show ‘Alice’s Attic’

by Patria

Renowned shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper has returned to the airwaves with his latest venture, ‘Alice’s Attic’, marking his comeback to radio after two years since his long-running show ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’ came to an end.

Turning 76 on Sunday, Cooper announced his return to radio, teaming up with Superadio to syndicate the show, which airs Monday through Thursday.

In a statement, Cooper expressed his excitement, stating, “To all of my insane radio minions, I’m BACK. And if you thought 20 years of ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’ was weird, just wait until you get into ‘Alice’s Attic!’ Just think about who or what could be lurking in all these dusty old boxes. We’ve got the same team behind the new show and so you’ll find the show fairly familiar, but we’re all looking forward to getting a little more creative with introducing new elements to keep things from getting stale. Speaking of stale… what IS that smell??!”

Listeners can anticipate a “curated mix of classic and some obscure rock, with an occasional ‘future classic’ song, plus Cooper’s stories and commentary about the music and artists he features.”

Currently available for listeners in the US and Australia, the show will soon extend to local stations in Canada and the UK as well.

Throughout his career, Cooper has conducted interviews with notable figures such as Joe Perry of Aerosmith and his band The Hollywood Vampires, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Meat Loaf, Rob Zombie, and many others during his time on ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’.

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