Ariana Grande Delays Release of Further Singles Ahead of “Eternal Sunshine” Album

by Patria

Ariana Grande, the 30-year-old singer, has announced that she will not be releasing any additional singles prior to the launch of her forthcoming album, “Eternal Sunshine,” next month. The decision comes after her recent hit, ‘Yes, And,’ gave fans a glimpse of what to anticipate from the new record. Grande expressed her desire for fans to experience the album in its entirety upon its release on March 8, rather than receiving the material incrementally.

Taking to her Instagram Story this week, Grande shared her sentiments, stating, “We are a little over a month away from ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and I don’t think it’s possible to articulate how grateful I am for your love, support and excitement!…as hard as it is to resist the urge to share another song or single with you all asap, I would really love for you to experience the album in full this time.”

She continued, “There will of course be more singles off of this project once it is out (and we may have a little surprise or two up our sleeves to hold you over until then so don’t you worry) but waiting a little longer for you to be able to listen fully through first really is my ideal way for you all to experience this body of work.”

Grande expressed gratitude to her fans for trusting her “vision and plan” for the highly anticipated follow-up to 2020’s ‘Positions.’ She emphasized, “You have waited so long for new music from me and I am so grateful for your patience!…I look forward to savoring every second of this new era with you all and I sincerely cannot wait for it to be yours!…It’s going to be (and already is) so special. I am so excited for all that is to come. More than ever.”

Earlier, Grande had described the album as “a concept album,” noting that many of the songs are “really vulnerable.” She previously shared on Instagram about inviting family, friends, and members of her team at Republic Records to listen to an advanced preview of the collection, stating, “I’m nervous, but I wanted to share this with you because it’s kind of a concept album. It’s all different, heightened pieces of the same story [and] of the same experience.” She added, “Some of them are really vulnerable, some of them are [me] playing the part that people expect me to be sometimes and having fun with that.”

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