Dannii Minogue and DJ Autone Drop Infectious Dance Anthem “Thinking ‘Bout Us”

by Patria

Dannii Minogue has released ‘Thinking ‘Bout Us’ with DJ Autone.

The younger sister of pop idol Kylie Minogue is back with a new uplifting dance tune with the DJ who previously remixed songs by the ‘Padam Padam’ hitmaker and Ariana Grande.

Dannii said: “This is a song that will positively resonate with so many people and especially my fans when they see the video with all the little references to some of my previous music releases. I love being introduced to new exciting talent, and Autone is certainly that, I can’t wait to see him spinning this in the clubs.

“I have a long history of working with Central Station Records, it’s great to be back working with Archie and his great team.”

Producer Autone – whose real name is Brett Austin – said: “This is my first original, so it’s like my baby, and I am extremely proud of that. To get to write with the boys from DNA Songs and record with Dannii was an absolute honour.”

He added of the process: “One weekend, I was just having a play on the piano, and landed on this great chord progression…within 24hrs after that we had a recorded demo and knew we had something rather special.”

It marks Dannii’s first song since last year’s ‘We Could Be the One’, which is the theme song for the dating show ‘I Kissed a Boy’.

For BBC Three, Dannii will return as Cupid’s assistant for the UK spinoff, ‘I Kissed a Girl’.
Dannii Minogue and DJ Autone Collaborate on Uplifting Dance Track “Thinking ‘Bout Us”

Dannii Minogue, the dynamic sister of pop icon Kylie Minogue, has unveiled her latest musical endeavor, “Thinking ‘Bout Us,” a vibrant dance track produced in collaboration with DJ Autone. The renowned DJ, previously recognized for remixing tracks by artists like Kylie Minogue and Ariana Grande, joins forces with Dannii in this energetic release.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Dannii Minogue shared, “This song will resonate positively with many, especially my fans who will catch the little nods to my past music releases in the video. I’m thrilled to introduce new and exciting talent like Autone, and I can’t wait to see this track lighting up the clubs. Working with Central Station Records again, alongside Archie and the team, feels like coming home.”

Autone, whose real name is Brett Austin, serves as the producer for “Thinking ‘Bout Us” and considers it a milestone as his first original composition. He expressed pride in collaborating with DNA Songs and Dannii, noting, “To write and record with Dannii was an absolute honor. I stumbled upon a great chord progression one weekend, and within 24 hours, we had a recorded demo that we knew was something rather special.”

This release marks Dannii Minogue’s return to the music scene following last year’s “We Could Be the One,” the theme song for the dating show ‘I Kissed a Boy.’ Additionally, Dannii is set to make a comeback on BBC Three as Cupid’s assistant in the UK spinoff, ‘I Kissed a Girl.’ “Thinking ‘Bout Us” showcases Dannii Minogue’s enduring musical prowess and sets the stage for another chapter in her illustrious career.

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