Scottish Indie Rockers Shambolics Unveil Debut Album

by Patria

Glasgow-based indie outfit Shambolics has lifted the curtain on their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Dreams, Schemes and Young Teams.’ The band, known for drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences ranging from Arctic Monkeys and The La’s to Fleetwood Mac and The Streets, is poised to release their inaugural record on February 16. Alongside this announcement, they have shared a glimpse of their latest single, ‘Never Be Mine.’

The dynamic tunes of Shambolics find their roots in the challenging upbringing of the band’s vocalist/guitarist duo, Darren Forbes and Lewis McDonald, in Kirkcaldy. In describing the album’s thematic approach, Darren expressed their intention for the songs to be uplifting, even when dealing with social issues. He stated, “It’s about trying to find some hope in the bleakest of times, about finding an escape from the terrible situation young people currently find themselves in.”

Speaking specifically about ‘Never Be Mine,’ Darren revealed, “It’s about a boy and a girl who meet each week, but they have no real ambitions to be in a relationship. They know they’re playing one another but don’t really want to say that out loud or admit it to one another – they’re in it for the moment.”

The album boasts additional highlights, including the synth-pop earworm ‘Attention,’ featuring The View’s Kyle Falconer.

Shambolics, discovered by Oasis’ former manager Alan McGee, secured a singles deal at his Creation23 label. The ‘Dreams, Schemes and Young Teams’ tracklist is as follows:


‘Never Be Mine’


‘Coming For You’

‘Daily Dosage’

‘Dreams, Schemes and Young Teams’

‘If You Want It’

‘Fooling You’

‘Universal Credit’

‘Everything You Should’ve Done’

‘Losing Your Mind’

‘Filth and Scum’

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