Ariana Grande Unveils Release Date for Seventh Album, “eternal sunshine”

by Patria

Pop sensation Ariana Grande has officially announced the much-anticipated release of her seventh full-length album, titled “eternal sunshine,” set to hit the airwaves on March 8 through Republic Records.

The excitement surrounding the upcoming album reached new heights last Friday when Grande unveiled the lead single, ‘yes, and?,’ a creation crafted by the talented trio of Ariana Grande herself, Max Martin, and Ilya Salmanzadeh. The single was not only accompanied by an official music video directed by Christian Breslauer but also marked a significant milestone in Grande’s career.

‘yes, and?’ made an impressive debut by claiming the coveted #1 spot on the Spotify Global Chart, solidifying its place as Grande’s most-streamed debut on Spotify to date. The single’s success extended further, securing the #1 position on Apple Music Top 100 Global. Additionally, the official music video soared to the top, clinching the #1 spot on YouTube Trending for Music.

The release of ‘yes, and?’ was met with an overwhelming wave of positive reviews from both critics and dedicated fans, underscoring Grande’s continued influence and popularity in the music industry. As the countdown to the album’s release on March 8 begins, expectations are high for “eternal sunshine” to leave an indelible mark on Grande’s already illustrious career.

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