Doja Cat Teases ‘Scarlet 2’ Tracklist on Social Media

by Patria

Renowned rapper Doja Cat has hinted at the potential release of a follow-up to her critically acclaimed album ‘Scarlet.’ The 28-year-old artist, who unveiled her fourth studio effort in September to widespread acclaim, took to her Instagram Story to share what appears to be the track-listing for ‘Scarlet 2,’ sending her fan base into a frenzy.

The revealed tracklist on a whiteboard suggests a seven-song sequel, featuring titles such as “ACKNOWLEDGE ME,” “HAADHIGH,” “GANG,” “MASC,” “RIDER,” “URRRGE!!!!,” and “HUNGRY.”

While fans eagerly anticipate this potential new release, Doja Cat is also gearing up for her inaugural headline European arena tour in 2024, titled the ‘Scarlet Tour.’ The tour includes dates in major cities like Glasgow, Birmingham, London, and Newcastle, scheduled for June.

In recent times, the ‘Say So’ hitmaker addressed criticisms labeling her as a “copycat” and “flat-out unoriginal.” During an interview on Instagram’s ‘Close Friends Only’ podcast with Ice Spice, Doja Cat dismissed these misconceptions, emphasizing her unique style despite drawing inspiration from “the greats.”

Addressing the accusations of satanic themes in her work, particularly on ‘Scarlet,’ Doja Cat responded through her music. Tracks like ‘Skull And Bones’ directly confront critics, notably addressing claims that her video for ‘Demons’ worships the devil. In her rap, she rebuts, “Y’all been pushin satan this, and satan that / My fans is yellin ‘least she rich,’ you need that pact / Lookin like I got some things you hate I have / And trust me baby, God don’t play with hate like that / So you gon be real upset when he pick Cat. (sic)”

As anticipation builds for ‘Scarlet 2’ and the upcoming European tour, Doja Cat continues to assert her artistic identity and confront misconceptions through her music.

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